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Network marketing and adventures!

Nature Photographer

 I love adventure! Ever since I was little the lure of the unknown has drawn me in. I remember my mother taking me to "travel log" movies when I was little. We saw the replicated Kontiki on it's voyage, India, the American Southwest. This has led me to hike mountains and have a job as a helicopter hiking guide in the Canadian Rockies. I love taking people on nature hikes and sharing stories and laughter.


This has led me to explore the adventure of network marketing and the wonders in offering hope and opportunity. Currently I am actively involved in one of the most incredible companies called New You. It is all about CBD and the benefits are extraordinary. We all know someone who has anxiety, weight issues and other weighing problems. 


Wouldn't it be a grand present to yourself or others to be able to use the product as well as make money by joining my powerful team? Go to the "Services link"


Image by Zdeněk Macháček
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